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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 9, 2014 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> we don't have time to cover a whole another session, so we would move toward closing remark. we did a coin toss. >> well, thank you again for everyone who came out and joined us taking her time in to be here and be a part of the process tonight. it has been a really big pleasure to be here this evening and as i mentioned earlier this evening, i am from south jersey and my interest in going to congress is to serve the people that i grew up with, whether it is the hard-working middle class
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family, the farmers that we have broader districts those that work on the coastline here in the district are at we have such a diverse district here and the folks in this district need a voice and being a voice for the american cancer society, being a voice in edgewater park, i am looking to take it one step further and be a voice for the people of the third district of south jersey the hard-working middle class folks in the women who are without a voice right now, as we have seen most recently with some of the discussions about equal pay in this country, we need a voice for our veterans and we have seen the systemic problems in
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the va system and we need a voice for the seniors whether it's social security, medicare, that is exactly what we will be in congress, is the voice for the people of south new jersey that i have grown up with and who i love so much. thank you. >> i also want to thank you for the opportunity. macarthur: i want to touch on talk versus action, namely the constituency groups in the district isn't the ability to serve them. and so when i compare myself and ms. aimee belgard, there's a number of comparisons. i've created jobs, thousands of them and aimee belgard taxed them in her local town. i've paid men and women fairly for decades and these are now
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talking points for 2014. we have talked about helping hurricane sandy victims in a couple settings and this is something that we did, my wife and i did as we provided funds to families that were displaced and we provided the american red cross to help with that and we open our own home and have a family living in our home for months after hurricane sandy. i've heard her talk about the need to serve sandy victims and they just don't need talked, but they need help and service. i've issued a jobs plan and i haven't seen any plan from her to create jobs and i don't think she has the experience to create them. and i have been open for many, many months. this is our first debate and i asked for debates in june and
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july, august, september, here we are in october finally sitting at a table together. i think my opponent has been hiding. the second theme is about honesty and how to develop relationships and i can see that i'm out of time. but i will just say this. i say what i mean and i mean what i say and i have it's been the same in this campaign on the other side. >> let's give a round of applause. for everyone. [applause] [applause] >> moderator: i want to thank c-span for being here.
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i want to thank everyone again. then i want you to urge your friends to vote. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> each of us has the right and a privilege to do that and you must be properly registered. you have until october 14 [inaudible] you can download the application [inaudible] and you can do it by mail if you can do so [inaudible] >> your application must be received seven days prior by the postman [inaudible]
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[inaudible] and of course, most important, remember to vote. thank you. >> we are following the georgia senate race for an open seat. we spoke with a reporter from the atlanta journal-constitution. >> another key race is in georgia. that is one of three seeds thate republicans are defending. daniel malloy is down in georgia and the candidates squared off elst night in the debate. while were the takeaways? first >> well, first of all the the dominant thing with the crowd, this thing was thousands of supporters and amateurs, almost like a boxing match to the point where a lot of people couldn't
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hear what the candidates were saying and they had trouble getting their point across and there was cheering and jeering. but really there were two main themes, you had michelle mann, the democrat, going after david perdue, the republican onavid pu outsourcing in light of a recens story were in a deposition most of his career was spent. kee was hammering him on thatth and he kept trying to still thed conversation back to barack obama and harry reid tyo the whe point where you're running against me, you're not running m against him and he just kind ofe owned divergent his itdecent lead and i think you
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know, that certainly is the strategy that they're pursuing and i think to a ecauseng and i think to a and that is certainly the strategy that they are pursuing. and yes, to the degree because he is so unpopular, he has beenu pretty down in the dumps in georgia underwater and on the flipside, you know, a lot of for michelle's plan relies upon turning out theut african-amerin base and the more that base feature, the more the fact it'sa
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fired up ratings. >> what is the ground game like in georgia? >> guest: you're seeing a lot of activity, the democrats more active probably than many cycleles in the past decade when these been swept out of power. and we've seen a surge of applications in voter registration. we'll know more in the coming days where the new voters are from which will give us a better idea of how they'll vote. we're hearing there have been a lot more new applications this year. people are much more interested in a normal midterm year because this is the first midterm election that has been close in sometime here. sometime here. >> the front page of the atlanta journal-constitution this morning, georgia was third in voter rolls. >> yes, that is right, that is
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what i was talking about. and we don't have a full picture yet. the numbers that we had through friday but the reality is that a lot of us are signing up and the democrats have spent a lot of money into trying to find and turn out these new voters and the whole case now is that in the more we turn out african-american voters, the more young voters that we can find that they are the sleeping giant out there. if you look at places like iowa and south carolina, the obama team went through their disciples in two cycles in a row, trying to find these people. and they are really doing that in georgia. so the democrats are really saying there's a lot of this and that out there for them to get to the polls and this is still a
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tough situation. >> michelle nunn, part of the strategy is to jump on the comments that david perdue made about outsourcing and i want to show our viewers the advertisements that she put out recently on this. >> i am michelle nunn and i approve this message. >> newspapers have broken the story about david perdue. in sworn deposition he was asked, can you describe your experience with outsourcing? he responded yes, i've spent most of my career doing that. that's right, david perdue admitted that he spent most of his career outsourcing jobs overseas to places like china and mexico. david perdue is not for you. >> daniel malloy, have polls been taken since the ads came out and this news broke and do you think this strategy by her could work? >> we don't have any new polling
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and it was only on friday, so it's hard to say the immediate impact of this. but yet, you know, it's really in line with what michelle nunn has been doing all the time. after she started bashing him involved in dollar general, where they really have done this, as david perdue has done this and he doesn't care about the common man. and last night they were asking him about the minimum wage and that sort of thing that they made in a year.
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and so this is definitely her plan. the problem with trying to make him look like mitt romney is that mitt romney would not do this. so there you have it. >> daniel malloy, thank you very much for your time, we appreciate it. >> campaign 2014 coverage continues with a week full of debates at 7:30 p.m. thursday, coverage of the 17th district between u.s. representative democrat and republican candidates. later, live coverage of the illinois governor debate. friday night, live at 8:00 p.m. eastern, the wisconsin governors debate between scott walker and married her. saturday night at 8:00 p.m., live coverage of the senate debate with u.s. congressman bruce braley and republican
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contender. and then we have rick snyder an opponent. c-span. campaign 2014. more than 100 debates for the control congress. >> on the next "washington journal", "the wall street journal" on military strikes against by this forces in iraq and syria. the author of all the truth is out on how media coverage of gary hart and his alleged extramarital affair change the political reporting. also, campaign 2014 security issues. "washington journal" is live every day at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> c-span's 2015 student camera competition is underway. with nationwide coverage, it will award 150 prizes totaling
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$100,000 to high school and middle school students. create a five to seven minute documentary on the topic, the three branches and you. videos need to include c-span programming, show varying points of view and must be committed by january 20, 2015. go to for more information ima grab a camera and get started today. >> the 17th congressional district in california, mike honda and ro khanna participated in their only debate in the race. it is located in the western part of the state in the heart of silicone valley. it is courtesy of kqev. >> this is an nbc bay area news presentation. decision 2014. the 17th district congressional
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debate. >> this is the heart of innovation. what happens in the silica and valley not only influence of the country but the world. the shadow of technology, there are serious concerns about a struggling middle class. tonight, two men want to lead the charge. shipping also for policy for california's districts. mike honda and ro khanna. their one and only debate before the election. >> thank you for joining us. welcome to our nbc bay area studios. both men will take their places tonight behind these podiums. we believe that this race and this debate try transcends politics. this congressional race is getting national attention and there are many representatives from national outlets are watching tonight. curious to see the future of the silicon valley. district 17 where the nbc studios are located is among the most dynamic and powerful district in the country.
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here's what we are going to do. we are going to meet our panel and covert tonight strong roles in just a few minutes. but first let's began with congressman mike honda. the 73-year-old is seeking his eighth term. but his story than start on capitol hill, and said he and his family were forced to live in a japanese internment camp during world war ii. a graduate of san jose state and a member of the peace corps, he had a distinguished career as a science teacher and school principal. some of his key officers include the santa clara board of supervisors, the state assembly and one of the house democratic senior whips. and he comes in to tonight's debate with the endorsement of nearly every local and state and national elected democrat. this includes senator feinstein, senator boxer, governor brown, and president obama. adding another layer to all of us, this election is between two democrats, same party, but as we will see tonight, both candidates were clear
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differences. ro khanna wants to infuse a new direction and voice for the silicon valley, the 38-year-old was born and raised in philadelphia and is the son of indian immigrants. he relocated to fremont in 2011 and is looking to win his first elective public office. an attorney at a major law firm in palo alto is also a part-time lecturer at stanford and an adjunct to fester at santa clara university. his relationship with obama expects 1996 while at the university of chicago he volunteered for mr. obama's state senate campaign. many years later in 2009, president obama appointed him as deputy assistant secretary in the u.s. commerce department. he is endorsed by nearly all of the major bay area newspapers including the chronicle in mercury news. he also has the support of dozens of silicon valley executives including google's eric schmidt and sheryl sandberg of facebook.
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so what should we expect to see tonight and what is really at stake? let's bring in jessica a geary alongside our host. >> let's talk about this race. this is really the race to watch in california. being challenged by this moderate democrat who has a high agenda. where do we go? >> we have two generations separating these candidates. we have the old guard liberal who cares for those who has no one caring for them, the poor, the immigrants, all of these people who are an educated versus the young guy that says it's time we look ahead and think about technology how many different ways we can use it. they each have an agenda that is good for the state and the question is which one is more important at this time. >> okay, when you talk about these gentlemen, what does each one have to do tonight really pull away from this debate and make a mark?
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>> let's start with the incumbent, mike honda who has to show that he still had them. he's been there for 14 years, he's 73 years old. he has to show that his experience is worthwhile and it's good to reelect him again because he knows how to get things done. ro khanna has to show that it's not always experience, sometimes it's vibrance and energy and all of these things that people need in order to get things moving. how to get things done and get things moving and they are important qualities. one says that he's been doing it and the other says he can do it. we will have to see which one comes ahead. >> both of them will bring it. >> we are ready to begin. let's send things back to a host. >> we are live and ready. a full house tonight inside of the studio. mike honda and ro khanna are at their respective podiums and they have agreed not to use any previously written notes or electronics. but they can take notes during this debate. we are cohosting this debate
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with huffington post and kqev-tv and san jose university. we look forward to discussing some important topics. let's take a look at our panel. ryan is arlene panelists and then we have the associate director of student affairs, a junior majoring in advertising. then we have a bay area journalist host of kqev-tv who grew up in san jose. finally, melinda jackson, associate professor of political science at san jose state. here are some of the key guidelines and rules of this debate. seventy-five minutes in length, 92nd response is and 62nd rebuttals. there is a possibility of 32nd follow-up questions. we have shared the topics of this debate with both men but the specific question had not been revealed. we have also instructed the studio audience to hold all applause until the very end, no cheering or booing or any other reaction except for right now. we want to welcome mike honda
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and ro khanna. [applause] [applause] >> moderator: it's nice to be inside of the studios. we have agreed prior to the debate that the first question goes to mr. ro khanna. you know this very well. so much wealth and innovation but if you cross the street, there's a lot of people in families struggling to keep and to meeting. if elected, realistically how can you serve both sides and what is the number one agenda. khanna: thank you all for participating, thank you nbc and mike honda for participating. this is a question of our time, income inequality. what we need is real solutions about how we are going to create opportunity for folks to go to college and how we are going to bring jobs back to the bay area.
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as an economics instructor, i have had the opportunity to talk to many folks about the economy. i have talked to students who are working hard and involved in all of these activities but have worried about the debt that they will have when they graduate. i talk to employees that have great great skills and for every one application online, there are 150 applicants. these folks get that we are living in a global economy changing that is constantly competitive. and yet congress seems to have no real leadership or ideas in accepting this, dysfunctional, slow-moving. so tonight i asked, imagine if we had a new standard and imagine if our elected officials were as hard-working and entrepreneurial as the people in this district. that is the change that we need and that is the congress that we
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need and that is why i aspire to represent this area in the united states congress. >> moderator: question was what is the number one thing on your goals? khanna: how do we get people the skills so we can do well in a modern economy. it's like you are living in a science-fiction science fiction movie. the face of florida has changed and have no how to operate. and even to drive a taxicab, you need to know how to operate programming and that's why i have called for specific skills, helping women have opportunities in science and technologies. >> moderator: congresman griffin you have 60 seconds. honda: thank you very much. no one in silicon valley who works full-time should live in poverty. they should be able to have a living wage and enough money to put food on the table and send
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their children to school, but shelter over their heads. in the last two years i have thought for minimum-wage. we have budgeted money to make sure that they have this chance. 900,000 permanent jobs. remember, we want jobs and the economy here and to make sure that we have a $.6 billion and $1.7 million for youngsters are having trouble so they can get their ged and continue their courier. >> moderator: thank you. one topic is citizenship and we bring in our leap on panelist. >> corpsmen, if republicans
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passed the senate is here, what about immigration reform that does not include citizenship for those without paper, would you urge against it and would you encourage the president to veto it? >> i think that what we have currently is a wonderful package of communities that came together including the chamber of commerce, labor, agriculture welfare, and we have all of these folks that have this. it's not the bill that i would have written, but it certainly better than what is going on for the 11 million people that live in the shadows and then the senate comes back with a package that has no citizenship, the pathway toward the legalization, and if there is no citizenship, i will be hard-pressed but i will have to look and see if we
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can get the first step so we can work on the next step which is legalization. let's look at the treatments. 40% of dreamers and the state of california art asian american and they need a pathway to citizenship and they should have a shorter path to citizenship because they have accomplished everything that we expect to be able to do. productive, to be able to give back to the community. they should have citizenship that the bill is signed. >> moderator: what is your response, mr. ro khanna? >> i share the congressman's values of getting a path to citizenship and dreamers and those that are undocumented. but the question was how are we actually going to get something done. one of the things that i hear one of knocking on doors is that congress adjourned after a
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decent session two months in recess to campaign. people are talking about immigration reform and have been doing so for the last 10 years and nothing is done. and here there is an honest difference with the congressman. we are the republicans and have a piecemeal approach, and get something done on immigration. it's important and we may not get everything. we may have to do something piecemeal, but we need to get something done and that is what people are so frustrated about in washington. >> moderator: with a follow-up. >> many advocates would argue that if you do this you will never get the pathway to citizenship. what would you say to that next. khanna: i would say look at canada and australia. they have economic priorities for immigration and it's crazy that we have people here who go
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to stanford or santa clara, we give them to grieve, we have a shortage and we say go back home and create jobs overseas. that's not how we're going to grow the economy. i say let's get a deal on what's going to make this country competitive and on let's make the case that this is a nation of immigrants. let's help strengthen the country as well. >> moderator: we will get your response in a moment, congressman, let's move onto the next question. talking about education now and the rising cost of education, two major universities a few miles from the studio and with that we will bring in a question for khanna. >> the program has been cut to recognize this in recent years. traditionally it remains affordable and accessible to low income students. would you fight to increase or lemonade or reduce the pell grant program and wide?
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khanna: i would fight to increase the pell grant program. this is not a theoretical issue for me. i'm paying off my loans still. i got to work for the president, i got to teach at stanford and i've had some privileges. but i'm still paying student loans and we really have to -- we have a country where we are burdening the next generation. $1.2 trillion is the federal debt on student loans. and i am proposing three things. first, we need student interest rates for students that are the same as the bank. if we can bail out wall street, we can certainly get student interest rates to pay back their loans at 2%. second, we need changes in fafsa. right now a parent's home mortgage home value is considered a quarter to what they pay. payments shouldn't be so parents have to forced to choose between their home and their kids
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education. we need to encourage that so that the time that the students stay in college as part of an issue that i feel so personally about. our economic competitiveness will not be based on military but educating the next generation and is one of the reasons i'm so passionate about representing us in congress. >> moderator: congresman griffin on coming have 60 seconds to respond. >> we did that and as an appropriator, we would like to make sure that we increase it significantly. but beyond that we have to be able to make sure that we change a lot. we have to change that for the students. now, we can talk about better interest rate but let's be more specific.
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$600 billion from the federal reserve and with the banks we see this loan at .7%. this is what we should be providing the students. that kind of loan that is going to be equivalent to what we are giving to the banks. and it's a much better investment because it will be paying into this much longer than the bank would be. >> moderator: horseman, is this something you want to propose when you get back into the session? honda: yes, i would. >> moderator: the next question that really hits in a cell silicon valley , is eight >> the topic of hiv. >> filling the need for skilled workers, many hire foreign
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workers for less. where do you stand on the visa program and what changes he would like to see. khanna: it was not portable, people cannot have access to getting green cards. with immigration reform we have a generous h1b visa allocation, including what can be needed more. there's just about double the amount. the skills gap that we are looking at has to be looked at two different ways. we need to have our immigration laws made so that we can invite students to come and then invite them to stay longer if they get their green cards.
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once they get their green cards they can go on to being citizens. 25% of ceos that we have in this country are foreign-born. and why do we want to turn that around? we should welcome these people and not look at it as a bad thing. on the other hand, we have to do more on stem. i put in approximately $6.1 million so that we can stop generating the youngsters we want to see they get involved in that kind of a courier. >> moderator: and what is your response to that? khanna: we have graduated 40,000 and we need many more and we need h1b visas and we also need to be prepared for the next generation of jobs.
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i respect the congressman's career in public service and he talks about things he's proposing things he wants to do and the frustration that people have is that nothing is getting done. the congress has a record and the reason that i have been endorsed is because i am relevant on the policy debate. because earmarks no longer exist. and he has passed one bill in 14 years and that is in contrast to young guide in one term it was passed and i respect the congressman's public service. but the question is who is going to lead and who is going to get the job done? >> moderator: we hear from a lot of first time congressmen who say we are going to go there and work across the aisle but when they get there they realize they can't. what makes you different?
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khanna: i sat down with the san jose chamber of commerce and the congressman refused to me. and here's why. they oppose the minimum wage increase in san jose. i was supportive of the minimum wage increase and i thought that it should be part of that. but the differences i am prepared to meet locally with people that disagree and i will take the same approach with republican cosponsors when i get to congress. >> moderator: horsemen coming out 30 seconds. honda: i passed $3.7 billion nanotechnology innovation bill and that is producing results even today in our technology. in 2011 we got $900 million port extension in just a couple of weeks ago we passed a bipartisan
12:37 am
bill that went onto the senate and being an appropriator, i can make sure that that bill will create excellence and research right down the line that we will be able to prepare that just like i did for the u.s. on top of that the data act that requires the government agency to tell people how much it is and to be transparent about it and i think that is across the board work. >> moderator: in the next session we will talk about immigration which is always a big issue in this district including across the country. the question goes to mr. khanna. >> a recent field poll found in 50% of california voters leaves the u.s. should offer shelter
12:38 am
and support for those who are now entering the country illegally from central america. so what do you think should be done with these children that are now in california and what role should the federal government say in adjusters problem? >> thank you for the question. it is a humanitarian crisis and my heart breaks as it would for anyone who comes over from guatemala or el salvador, we have to treat them with due process and i think the president plan to have this in the home country is a step in the right direction and i do think that we need to work with the local government to reunite those kids with their families. because ultimately having them apart from their families as and when to serve their interests. but we certainly need to give them due process.
12:39 am
i want to refer to the commerce must find as well. i give the congressman credit on his role. but he's relying on something that no longer exists and the real heroes were the santa clara taxpayers and it took 14 years. i hope it doesn't take another 14 years and two more in tax increases. the point is that in a new world i respect the congressman service and we need leadership. we don't expect that america will lose its competitive edge. we are going to lose out to china and that is the leadership that we need from soaking ballet. >> moderator: horsemen, please address the initial russian about undocumented children. >> i went to mcallen, texas, and
12:40 am
i called some of the folks that i knew from that area confront a situation and it is a terrible situation where kids are being told if you don't join the gangs we will kill you and i think that when we go to hell but the borders it's been well spent. i saw that there was a construction aggregates and there was nothing there afterward to process. another is and there's a process in place where they will be able to get processed and reunited with their families. but the whole thing is that with comprehensive immigration reform, it allows us to succeed and we will have to deal with it. it will be much easier for us to deal with because it's a very comprehensive system. >> moderator: the next question is to you and i will be asking
12:41 am
it, a situation over the last few days, internal e-mails were leaked by her staff suggesting possible violations when it comes to campaign fund-raising. you have a technologist and my question tonight is our human ethical congressman, and how can you prevent this from happening in the future if reelected? honda: i am the very ethical person and my demeanor reflect that. as well as my staff. we have received quite a bit of media attention but i have a different responsibility. these are real people that we are talking about and i want to make sure that they will be taking care of and those who work for me currently understand where that line is. everything beyond that is a part
12:42 am
of this. the high ethical standards has been reiterated and made clear in my chief of staff has good expectations but she missteps and disappointed in it and she assured me that this won't happen again. it needs a big knowledge of dulles and i think that we should move forward and i will be perfectly willing to cooperate in any way i can to see to the end of this. >> moderator: you have 60 seconds to respond, mr. khanna. khanna: i think that mr. honda is a good man.
12:43 am
no one is perfect. the scandal at the mercury news editorial, it's not personal about the congressman's integrity but the dysfunction of special interest in american politics. the allegations were the staff members traded on public goods to raise funds for private gain. it is exactly what is wrong with the political process here. the congressman has said that the chief of staff apologize and here's what i would hope. and i hope that the congressman would apologize for these ethical violations and accountability because it is he who is responsible for the citizens and the integrity that we expect in soaking ballet. >> moderator: the next question comes from the huffington post.
12:44 am
>> a decade ago we had the money that was brought back to the u.s. effectively tax rate at failed to create the promised jobs. today, these companies are advocating for what is known as repatriation. promising that they will use the money to create new jobs. apple, google, and microsoft would benefit from this. but if they decide it's a smart business decision to hire a new worker, why do they need access to tax free money to do so in a don't these extremely wealthy companies have access to capital already? khanna: that is a great question. i wrote about the 2004 repatriation in my book on manufacturing and i criticized it and i said they borrow this money back and it went to shareholders in dividends and we need to link bringing that money back with expanding the payroll or investing in manufacturing. they have $1.9 trillion over
12:45 am
seas and they will tell you that they are telling entrepreneurs to incorporate because they want to be acquired without offshore cash. we have to figure out how we bring that back and invested to create jobs but not with no strings attached. i have tried to articulate a coherent position, maybe not the right position but a thoughtful position because i'm sick of this demagoguery on this issue. on one hand they say it's four repatriation and on another they say they have a whole website criticizing me for adopting the position of us. you cannot have it both ways. and people are sick and tired because they know that i don't have all the answers is because i'm an economics teacher. but they want someone who's elyse going to say that these are tough problems with tough solutions and not disengaged in so popular is from. i promise that i'm going to try
12:46 am
to grow economically. >> moderator: what is your response, congressman honda? honda: we have to look at the larger picture. we have to not only make sure that this is a benefit from it, but we have to look at the national infrastructure and ways that we can increase the minimum wage and have a more viable economy to increase. we need to make sure that this is a middle class that is more vibrant because of this. we talked to congressman brady about his bill to repatriate the corporate taxes. people said that why are you doing this? and i said to be able to shape these things and you have to be part of this.
12:47 am
so you can always make much impact. so working with them is the way that i went. on a is the last few days president obama has been talking about minimum wage at link. we have another question. >> obviously $15,000 mongo far for a college graduate in california. what should congress do to make sure that the federal minimum wage helps people nationwide? honda: i fall for it here in san jose and we want to make sure that 725 is not a salary they you can raise a family with. and so with 63% of the voters in the citizens of san jose we won. president obama said taking the federal minimum wage and
12:48 am
increasing it to $10.10 an hour. i've seen these posters and that is a fact. ten dollars and 10 cents per hour. and that does not address the terrible burden of financing education and higher education. so we have to find ways to try to allow to have the students be able to have lower interest rates. the senator has the bill out and we are going to do one on the house side. to make sure that the interest rates that are charged to students will be same as the federal reserve bank coming from the $6.5 billion quantitative easing money. and we should be able to procure the ones to students who go into public service. my wife had a large loan and she went into teaching and she taught in schools that needed teachers like her and after five years of teaching they cut her
12:49 am
long and half. and then after that they cut it again in half. these are the kinds of things that we have to provide to students. allowing them to provide public service as they get to higher education. >> moderator: you have a response for 60 seconds about minimum wage. khanna: i work to push for the increase in the minimum wage in san jose and i believe that the minimum wage should be able to be adjusted for inflation. the challenge though is that when we talk to workers, they say can congress have the same standards and show up to work everyday. i know that public service is hard. everyone understands that meone is sick ore having surgerd someone is having surgery and people need to take time off. but the reality is that it's just a fact that the congressman has missed 466 votes in his
12:50 am
career over 14 years. that is the worst -- one of the worst attendance records in the united states congress. one of the worst in the california delegation. the people in his district and the hard-working folks need someone who will be present, showing up and engaged. because they have to do that. >> moderator: please respond in terms of your attendance record. honda: i do my best and i'm there for my family for the important things. the fact is that i have a 95% voting record and i'm still there working. i'm still making sure that we look at appropriations or we can make things happen here. and we made the u.s. prime office location happened here in silken valley. that takes a lot of work and that takes a lot of cooperation. thank you. >> moderator: a question about
12:51 am
educating our children and not everyone is always in agreement on how we move forward. >> , corporate gillam puts in place a new focus on critical thinking and analysis and reasoning instead of learning. not all parents are happy about this. among their concerns is too too much emphasis on testing. math and reading standards are all too low. very weak. what you think of the core curriculum is a common corporate you want. and also its implementation so far in california? khanna: i appreciate the question. it is a step forward, it's an improvement over no child left behind. that's an honest disagreement in this campaign, mr. honda voted for no child left behind. it increases testing. but for one, it's not perfect. it needs time to be implemented in california. we need to increase the
12:52 am
investment for teacher preparation so that teachers can use it and be prepared for it. second we need to make sure that some kids get to calculus. some have to pass so kids can take calculus because sometimes the common core won't allow it. so it's really not perfect. creativity is also important, it sets us apart from india and china is that we are not robot learners, we have creative thinking. i think it's a step in the right direction. the constant has talked a lot about reaching across the aisle. one of the second most part of this in congress, after 9/11, the congressman spoke up to americans. but he is not bipartisan. that is not who he is herriot and what we need now is someone
12:53 am
who actually is going to go to work across the aisle with a polite tom campbell and others. because that is what we need at this time in this economy to move forward. >> moderator: congressman cummings have 60 seconds to respond and please begin with the issue of common core. honda: i think that common core of nationally as a step in the right direction. some states resisted having a nationals entered. but when you have 46 governors coming together and coming up with a common core, i think that that comes pretty close to a national expectation. having said that, i think that what we need to do is make sure that we reauthorize no child left behind which is being pushed forward and we need reauthorization so that we can make more policy changes and tweak it more in that development. and so what president obama has done is to $300 million in
12:54 am
competitive grants so that we can address some of these issues that are on critical assessments, including teachers and individual schools and not just where it fell on its face under no child left behind. it's an opportunity for us to learn. >> moderator: the next question is from ms. jackson and we are talking about the polarizing force in terms of making money in different styles of the inequality. >> congressman honda. there's been a lot of talk the last few years about the top 1% versus the 99%. and as i have mentioned earlier silicon valley is one of the places in the country where this income inequality is most apparent. my question is do you believe that the income tax code contributes to this gap. and if reelected, what new forms would you suggest for a federal income tax policy if any? honda: i think that income tax
12:55 am
reform is something that we will have to face and struggle with. it is a complicated problem and we have to use our knowledge to make sure everyone pays their fair share. with the bush tax cuts, not everyone pater kircher. as an obama had to fight to guarantee the unemployment insurance , giving their kids money and the income inequality will have to be addressed in a fair and good way where everyone ends up getting their fair share. and i think that that is a family value. warren buffett has even said that it's unfair that an executive secretary pays more in income tax than i do because of the way that we calculate income tax and we don't include other portions of people's wealth.
12:56 am
and so it has come to be a difficult but necessary kind of a function that we are going to have to face. because i think the very livelihood of our country depends upon it. and in some of the situations we have eliminated corporate loopholes and subsidies. so we can do this and we have to do it and there's no question about it. >> moderator: what can you possibly do if you are elected and what is your response? honda: khanna: i think that we absolutely have to have those that can pay more taxes and the
12:57 am
top 1% are members of congress. they are getting extraordinary perks and benefits and that is why i said that i won't take a single special interest trip when i get to congress. congressman honda has taken 52 of them and that is part of the system. but that needs to change. >> moderator: would you like to respond any of those statements? honda: i think that it doesn't increase by 50% and we are
12:58 am
living in the deficit and we have drawn down on this. >> moderator: this question is >> moderator: this question is for you, mr. tranter. privacy here in the silken valley, especially with the nationals here. privacy is a hot topic centered with companies like yahoo and google. can online privacy be better protected. what would you do? khanna: if i was in congress that would've spoken out against the president and i served them administration for the surveillance that the nsa engage them. one of the challenges and unfortunate things is that we didn't have the congressman spoke on valley criticizing our
12:59 am
president for the nsa and especially when you get special money to the situation. plus, everyone should be free from mass surveillance on the internet. third, people should know what the data is and what is happening with their data in google or facebook and they should have a right to disclosure. this is the price of leadership at this district needs. it's not enough in this district, which is the heart of the innovation just go to congress. what we need is someone who is going to lead the national debate and i am very proud at the internet bill of rights that our campaign has put forward.
1:00 am
>> moderator: your response to the issue of privacy. >> what the nsa did is what they did to the japanese american people in 1942. he said that together to incarcerate them in concentration camps, that's the kind of situation that i'm against. [inaudible] ..
1:01 am
1:02 am
>> >> they have to pay more for the staffing. we need to be able to do that and attract people from this type of activity but encourage them to be in this country and there is to platforms one is gone and technology that is the earth shattering is disruptive the
1:03 am
other is first-time manufacturers to build here. dash agree incentivize people to stay here and do their business your teeeighteen your response? this could negatively impact lot of companies. kanna: it is obvious of their headquarters didn't say is to take a vintage of the united states laws than the disease protections they should pay the tax. i will stand up for that of any tech company period neither company not willing to do that. but talking about the budget this is why we did not support the congressman on your budget. it is not the ideology of
1:04 am
the middle and lower class. that was almost 13 years ago. whatever the policy issues of our time and with the complex views of the internet teeeighteen you are supported by many leaders of the biggest check companies from ebay to yahoo! do you really stand up for that? kanna: i wish people to my story more i went to public school. i am proud of those in the world but with the innovators of of world i
1:05 am
don't apologize but to educate the next generation teeeighteen we're talking about k-12 not necessarily a college education. >> and their feelings students what role should the federal government play to shape our future education policy? kanna: i do think public schools are failing and i went to public school. but 92 and 93% of kids went to public school i went to a public school in san jose. and she does not have the budget with 2 miles away
1:06 am
from apple computer's you would not have known we were in silicon valley. that needs to change i will fight for that to make sure the federal government is fully funding especially the mandates that they put for a teacher preparation. what you do with bad teachers? we don't have any. because they treat them with respect and reinvest in them. to make sure they have credentials and to have the slight disagreement is to bring those in the charter school movement i will not be beholden to any group but with one goal in mind i want every candidate to have the shot i did to get a good
1:07 am
public school education. teeeighteen this is near and dear to your heart is k-12 feeling kids? >> not every school is failing but the problem with the system as we have 50 states, 50 standards than the constitution that the federal government has is a concert -- nonsense. then you can scale them up. to balance the budget every year this is about the community understanding outside the box with equity of education for each and every child.
1:08 am
he started to look in terms of equity obama looks at universal preschool education. that is where we have to start. >>moderator: yes or no does this community know it needs to be done? honda: yes it is with my commission. each and every child. >>moderator: congressman honda. >> there is a wage gap in this country for every dollar earned by of and the federal government requires federal contractors to report aggregate compensation data. about the individual salaries as well how does that helps the wage gap? honda: one of the things i have done is to go with an
1:09 am
-- peter nancy pelosi the issue where she was not paid equally for equal work and had to sue for it. that is why i signed on with the representative for maryland she has of bill to make sure that closes all the loopholes equal pay for equal work. and then to find out she has been shortchanged. had a the way we can do this is to keep pounding away that people understand it is necessary. more and more middle-class people say i worked harder
1:10 am
and longer and more efficiently but just because that deficiency we have not share that wealth that technology has created and we have to revisit that whole aspect to do something about it. >>moderator: what would you bring to the table if elected? >> what i am proudest of the women in the workplace agenda is not just equal pay but paid parental leave and men need to have the responsibility for child-rearing other scandinavian countries have that. we need a child-care tax credit so women don't have to choose between leaving companies or family is. i got these ideas listening to constituents. i like the congressman i
1:11 am
admire him but one of the things i am disappointed is there is one thing in the campaign your handlers to not let you do town halls. i have done more of those in two months than the congressman has done in his entire term. there are so many smart people in this district we have to listen to them. and when congressman honda started that is what he was like. >> the first part of my question in congressman honda women's groups deal the conversation is not good enough but not intel individual salaries are put in. we should be able to do that that is part of public record if you cannot
1:12 am
identify so it could be done with added pressure to be equal pay for equal work. >>moderator: so many of us have apple products and we have that question for congressman honda. >> what can congress realistically do to encourage companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the u.s.. and apple does a majority of manufacturing in china. kanna: and had we bring them back to the united states? it did not sell lot of copies but i believe deeply
1:13 am
when i was in the congress department i recognized this area needs to be the manufacturing hub so i would work with leaders to bring a grant back to have presidential housing. there are very simple things we should do. with 3-d pricing customization one-and-a-half over germany and japan need to partner so we're educating people with the skills? and to reform the tax code
1:14 am
so we as some people paying 0 percent tax as the incentive for those are making things in the united states. i have not taken one dime because i work for a the people not a washington lobbyist. honda: so much of this valley is manufacturing we could grow that even more. so with my democratic colleagues with a tax credit so being able to pass the bill on the floor that will allow our manufacturing centers across the country to replicate the kinds of things here.
1:15 am
it is called the regional centers for excellence retake universities and entrepreneurs and put them together so they can sit down to come up with the next technology to incentivize people to stay here and for consumers simic you mention in the skills gap with is that really the case they don't have the necessary skills or companies still want to pay the necessary wages? it could be 30,000 or 40,000. >> it is complicated talked-about cupertino it is
1:16 am
filled with middle-age folks that cannot get a job not because they don't have the skills but they don't want to hire people better younker so it is not a skill shortage the policies that have tax credits to have apprenticeship programs to bring veterans back to work teeeighteen admirably you serve the people in this area for decades in various capacities some people do fear that you may be burnt out how to address those fears? >> i am not burst out there is gas in the tank and i am not even a hybrid. [laughter] the kinds of energy comes from a deep-seated desire
1:17 am
this country does the right thing. and i made mistakes. but then to major those youngsters have a voice that they need. to teach them to speak up and with the powerball education for the options of the future rio greater options so so the people that i looked at and want to help but to see a community
1:18 am
of a constitutional guarantee or because they look like the enemy that will not happen on my watch. >> i don't think the congressman is burnt out a half to admirer him and began dedicating his life to plastics in public services admirable but the question is about family leave lead in the future. my argument and the reason i decided to run and i acknowledge you works for asian americans around the country is who will solve the issues for this district and the lead at this moment in this time in the complex economy? unfortunately we can influence that debate that
1:19 am
the congressman is no longer relevant to the system he relied on is no longer there. that someone carries the ball then hands it off than somebody else carries the ball better is what makes the country moving forward simic much of congress agrees the corporate tax code needs reform. lowering the overall rate at the same time closing loopholes will raising the same amount of revenue. so what did tax reform fact kept revenue the same solve the problem of a bank robbery? or should raise a definitive -- the revenue for more today. >> the reason for corporate tax reform that you have the
1:20 am
special interest on the tax codes were they paid o%. some are incentivize to go offshore and others want to set up shop here and we penalize them. so why does it not get done? it is not like there is not enough smart -- smart people of washington that is reality bought and sold by the lobbyist to write these exemptions and that is why i said i want to try something different. i did research and to pledge that i would not take us single dollar from the lobbyist or from a packed why you want to have the
1:21 am
job? you will not be popular. but we have to try something different. people see will be naive and slow. but it is time we get the special interests out to take us stand that is the only way to get meaningful tax reform. >> it has to be comprehensive and it is about gathering more revenue for the government with the obligation we have in this country. i think where we say we want to this reform good to be part of love larger picture
1:22 am
of the national infrastructure. to make sure the middle-class but i am not saying corporate leaders were shareholders should not get rich. i share it with those to create the wealth. >>moderator: partnering with facebook we have gotten some questions this will go to congressman honda also thinks everyone on facebook for submitting hundreds of questions. what is your stand on the democratic --. honda: i think it is a phenomenon coming all along
1:23 am
the to as the make your own decisions and then there was the time starting to rise above. united states has facilitated with the youngsters with the government leaders to facilitate the progress of a more democratic society. but we wanted to be able to live the life that is not interested, like
1:24 am
restrictions and on the other hand, we have the same issues. we should be able to feel compassion for a understanding. the young people shrug their shoulders that week to get to better and but we want more. >>moderator: you think that with the people's republic of china? honda: since the rule of the league -- revolution china has become our partner. >>moderator: your response about what is happening in hong kong? kanna: i am very sympathetic to those demonstrators marching for human rights and democracy. but my values come from my grandfather.
1:25 am
spending for years in jail fighting for human rights and one of the things about the district is in the philippines and we have a shot the world will not make the mistakes of the 20th century but not communism or democracy but to stand up for human rights toward democracy. that is why the leadership from this district is the most important in the entire country. >> we will jump around just to get some topics down that digests. en to.
1:26 am
>> the landmark decision announced the state's tenure at as a violation of students' constitutional rights. do you think do those policies protect bad teachers than what you do to protect that? >> supported in to their attempt to ride to inca op-ed. my mom was a substitute school teacher. otherwise i am not a teacher but i have to eat to the year is what i would do to
1:27 am
bring stakeholders to the table. the teachers have with respect and pay teachers more. but third require basic credentials but eventually they would have some accountability they you cannot evaluate. you can with the comprehensive but just like politicians yell want them because it gives to do what is right to take the politics out. >> the teachers' union was the response?
1:28 am
honda: but the fact it prohibits to process with the tension and evaluation. to have the good assessment now and then to find good job. this is this is the opportunity for us to impose to allow it to process where teachers. >>moderator: the last question of the evening.
1:29 am
for congressman honda. >> a recent poll shows 75 percent of california boat -- voters disapproved of congress so why does congress have said judge lowe view and what would you want to be reelected to such an unpopular group? [laughter] if reelected what would you do to try to improve the public trust and confidence? honda: 75% are judging because of the word congress if we had different parties and how they voted that one word does not paint each congressperson with the same brush. because when they say how deal like your current congressperson that is a different story.
1:30 am
i don't think of them as the congress it is a wonderful opportunity, especially for me. of the job i can take all of my experiences. with the policies that we have and they hit the point so easy to hit them? >> i reinvented itself from town hall meetings. >> at the end of that hour
1:31 am
but that is a good way to connect with people without using congress. >> darr appreciate that professor jackson i don't think that takes the place of electronic communication but i can ask is why in the hell or why do i want the job? the reality is starting with the greatest intentions it is a part of the problem. people with 50 or 100 members of congress because they want folks who will be effective, not just passing one bill in 14 years toward name a post office or get republican co-sponsors when they introduce legislation. they want one that will work
1:32 am
as hard as they are. it will not be missing. and make themselves answerable every month to real-life health questions that is how i will be from day one when i get there. >> thank you for your responses this is the final opportunity and we will begin closing statements and we bill begin with mr. kanna >> thank-you to use the panelist and also congressman honda for participating. tanagra press son of immigrants going to public-school my parents told me if i worked hard and got good grades i could get good job with great opportunities. in this campaign going to almost every high school in the district and i asked
1:33 am
kids are you concerned about getting a job when you graduate? eighty% of the kids raised their hands. for the first time in the country's history better every dream is alive for the next generation? at this time but we have washington politics. the congress but to have the united states congress is less than the monarchy families. these things were not supposed to be alive tayras states but they will have to return to their communities and live under the laws that they passed. tonight i asked not just for
1:34 am
your vote but joined the campaign for change but we have to bring something to make the american dream possible for the next but then in the 1960's to have the same opportunity. thank you. honda: also to think nbc and the audience a end of the viewership. but i think but it is the pattern but when they took
1:35 am
away our constitutional right nobody stood up and said this is wrong. otherwise but then with the peace corps then to learn another language. i learned the things that i experienced. so to be critical thinkers and passionate about constitutional rights.
1:36 am
as a teacher over 20 years that is the direction i went until the direct politics that they have called this experience turning it into policy making. the policy congressman honda but then it is important to show but deaths fusses in their appreciates the new vote yen from one of her ballets we appreciate your public-service. >>moderator: we have passed our audience to pull their.
1:37 am
[applause] >>moderator: watching a whole more online we with love to see you at the polls on election day. before you mail in your balance. aha but that is in purses those political analysts. ♪ about talk all of these and will continue this conversation. we want to go to cad >> first we want to go to colorado with the political reporter from "the denver post" and joins us in this
1:38 am
course with the senate debates last night. what were the tech ways? >> all of the questions but it is just to be used all the answers are those the he answered a number of questions and he also wants to make abortion illegal but kurt kruger there and voting with a limited percentage of that time. but "the denver post" had a story but the biggest is
1:39 am
best way. wondering if he has gone too far in that trap did -- trap is the same as march uterus. but belloc abortion and gay and birth control. here is the reality. but to sponsor some bill that you looked but the
1:40 am
reality is a hidden no ever met. but not until he got into this race did anybody say well. those are the social issues. buda he is cement for it is x civic the idea that this race is to exit -- have long
1:41 am
to have that key party support? how cadre let it is the factor not to approve to meet - - the regrets it was the most interesting politically almost divided one-third, one-third, one-th ird to give to message aren't baby but it goes with the national mood been now.
1:42 am
so i think that is why you don't campaign it has not worked. >> let's look mersin of a foot thick -- they try to use that against him. >> he is a nice guy he is the senate to cousins are also senators. my dad? he sells tractors and i am proud of that. says corridor here is dead
1:43 am
asking those questions as last night that to be so offended by an ad? but they continue to be asked for the polls teide the comparison but really it is overreacted to make this the attack. go-ahead. >> as we wrap up what is going on on the ground? >> because democrats keep saying over and over we are way ahead of them that it
1:44 am
will not be tied we're the all mail ballot election they go out next tuesday and apparently you should expect people on your doorstep st: we w. lynni believe we must expand it.
1:45 am
>> "washington journal" continues. host: back at our table is josh kraushaar to talk about the lay of the land, which races to watch. there is 36 senate seats. what races are you watching? guest: the majority is very much in the balance in november.
1:46 am
republicans need to win at least six seats. there are a whole number of opportunities we look at some of the conservative states, arkansas. you have mary landrieu's race in louisiana, which will likely go into december. you have the swing states that we will be talking about in 2014 like iowa, which is gotten a lot of attention the cause of the personalities involved in that race. farming and a military background for one of the candidates. you have the colorado race, which i think will be one of the closest in the country. it talk about colorado being a big bellwether. mark udall against cory gardner.
1:47 am
i think it will be a late night. contestill be another that will be counting the ballots until midnight eastern time. that is a close race between the emigrate and dan sullivan, former state attorney general. you talk about red states, swing states. democrats think they have a chance in georgia. a very big map this year. host: possibly we do not know who controls the senate on november 5 and we might know for a number of days and weeks. guest: louisiana, it is likely that mary landrieu will be headed into a runoff that will be decided not until december. her numbers are not very good. if she does poorly, enough republicans on the ballot and
1:48 am
this is likely going to go into the runoff. georgia, a libertarian is on the ballot taking up the vote. vote,e get 50% of the that goes into a january runoff that would potentially decide the majority in the senate. you never know which raises will be too close to call. by a few hundred votes. host: what is your prediction? guest: the environment is looking good for republicans. democrats argue they have a strong tactical advantage. they have a better ground game and more money in all of these significant battleground states. if i am looking at the big picture, i will take the environment over tactics.
1:49 am
the tactics can make up those couple of points. i would say about a five or eight c pick up and they need six to take the majority. odds are they will get a majority. it is too early to make a firm conviction i what is going to happen. host: in the house, are there some outcomes that could affect the margins for republicans and how they govern? guest: republicans are going to pick up seats. the question is how many? people look at the net gain in terms of the election. republicans are starting with a high baseline. the chairman has a drive
1:50 am
for 12 seats and that is their outer end to get an expand their majorities. it is unlikely they will get 12. there are some races that are consequential. look at how people are thinking heading into the voting booths. a big race in colorado in the denver suburbs. redistricted was and now trying to moderate his position. the democratic is one of the best recruits the democrats have landed. people will the tank attention to see if one party has an advantage. iowa, a big open seat in one district. republicans are running the chief of staff. i wrote a column today that said being a chief of staff is not a
1:51 am
big job description. he is having trouble. the democratic legislator is running and it is a close race. host: let's get to some phone calls. dean in naples, florida. caller: i would like to comment on the governor's race. i am going to vote for scott because he has all the right ideas. he is such a good man. he is against gay marriage. he is against abortion and a lot of other things. i am 94 years old and i registered just to get to vote for scott. he has been good for florida. host: ok. guest: she is talking about rick scott and charlie crist. you have two republicans now
1:52 am
running for that race. extremely close contest. one of the most negative contests. scott has a very slight christ is starting to spend as much money as the governor. not a great place to be. that is going to be a very important place to be. thatry clinton is watching campaign closely. she is watching florida because it will be a big presidential battle. she is planning to do a fundraiser in helping out charlie crist's campaign. she has not been a lot of campaign appearances, but that is one she has announced for the midterms. she was in iowa for the harkin steak fry last month. she is going back to campaign
1:53 am
for bruce braley. she is doing a fundraiser for mark pryor in arkansas. she is hitting a lot of the battlegrounds. has not overly participated in politics. host: bill clinton? guest: he is in arkansas this week. he is pushing for mark pryor, his old buddy. for theoking more republican advantage. if there is any democrat trending decisively toward republican and if there is a democrat who is still well-liked and convinced undecided voters, it is bill clinton. endorsed a has number of candidates, some of them who are underdogs. he is undefeated. he has not backed a losing candidate. he has this mojo in this real momentum that a lot of people did not expect.
1:54 am
scott brown is another one of his favorites. he will be campaigning in new hampshire. for someone who is not likely to run again, he has been very active on the midterm battleground. marco rubio has been very conservative. he has not campaigned all that much. he picks candidates that are important for his own future aspirations. he has been supporting joni ernst in iowa. rubio not so much as romney. host: rand paul. guest: he has been a big surrogate for republicans and some of the races where you have libertarians on the ballot. you have a libertarian candidate
1:55 am
that has seven or eight points and some of the public polls. that could cost republicans a pickup opportunity in north carolina. he is campaigning for dan sullivan. host: he is saying, vote for the establishment republican? guest: he absolutely is. in north carolina, he absolutely endorsed the tea party challenger. he is doing a little bit of a mia culp i now. -- mea culpa now. caller: good morning. i would like to comment on the debate last night between tillis and kay hagan. george stephanopoulos moderated that. none of the questions presented to tom tillis were directly answered. he dodged every single question. he would not commit boots on the ground in syria.
1:56 am
a stance that most of us feel like he would take. he has just not been that great of a legislature in the state here. and he waso office going to create all these jobs and nobody has seen them. it would be real hard to convince me that you can go through a campaign and win and not lay your own ideas out there. host: let me ask you this. you are going to vote for kay hagan. it sounds like. are you getting out going door-to-door? caller: i'm just talking to people that i know. i'm presenting the differences. i would just like to hear a plan. i have never heard a republican plan. they criticize everything but they never replace it with a plan. guest: i watched the debate on
1:57 am
c-span last night. it was very interesting. the candidates were both so wedded to their talking points. they were not answering the questions. i didn't think either candidate had any material advantage. it is a very close race. kay hagan has a slight advantage. the big question is the undecided voters and the libertarian voters. will they and up going to tell us in the end? -- tillis in the end? neither candidate is viewed favorably by most voters. what needs to happen on the ground for either one of these candidates in the closing days? , it isin north carolina the best test of the democratic ground game. they have every element of the obama coalition.
1:58 am
the african-american voters will be fired up and ready to go to the polls. you have a lot of young college-age voters. probably not likely to vote, but you can get enough of them to the falls for a big advantage. you have a key advantage in the single women. that is a key for democrats. they are really important for kay hagan. for republicans come of the ground game has been less advertised. they have a program active in north carolina. their efforts on the ground game. host: let's go to iowa. jeff is an independent caller. there isctually, endless mudslinging going on. thank god i have a mute button on my telephone. [laughter] or on my remote. what i think they should be
1:59 am
focusing on is the economy and you never hear anything about it. i really don't know what our economy is based on anymore. if it is just the fed printing more money or china building empty cities. i do know what is going to happen in the next recession. are they going to print $10 trillion instead of $4 trillion? tot do they want to get washington for any way with the gridlock and everything? if these parties don't start working together, the common man eight going to have much going for him. the billionaires got plenty. they can finance all of these commercials. all got an island to escape to. i don't think that is going to do them any good with food riots. you know. host: it sounds like you are not hearing from the candidates, either one of them. you are an independent. you are not hearing what they
2:00 am
are going to do for you. caller: i don't see nothing happening in washington. i'm going to vote. i'm probably going to vote mostlyemoc think theycaller: i carry little bit more about the people. but even they are financed by the billionaires. guest: that is an interesting take away. democrats of not been doing well with working-class voters. a generation ago, they used to dominate among the demographic. iowa has a lot of middle-class voters that are feeling the economic squeeze. these voters usually trend democratic. are plenty of signs in iowa that president obama is very unpopular. that the democts


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